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Upgrading Ikonboard

Welcome to Ikonboard v2.1.7

Upgrading::v2.1.5 / 2.1.6 -> v2.1.8

This upgrade fixes a few errors with the last release. Namely the 'Software Errors' and the corruption (deleting) of the 'list.cgi' files.

Please update the following scrips:

- post.cgi
- postings.cgi
- topic.cgi (or change the top half of the script to match the new script)
- admincenter.cgi
- setforums.cgi
- forumoptions.cgi
- ikonboard.cgi (or compare the scripts for changes, this just gets rid of '?bypass=xxx')
- ikon.lib (or add the sub routines 'rebuildLIST', 'openFILE' into your current ikon.lib)
- Ikonadmin.lib

The board now updates the 'list.cgi' file every time a post/reply is made. You can also fix the forum from the 'Admincenter -> Forum Control -> Recount/Fix Forum'

Important:: No matter which version of Ikonboard you are upgrading from, you must read this!

To keep all your current messages and topics, you'll need to convert them into a newer format.
Do this by using the 'update_forums.cgi' file. This will go through the forums and convert the list.cgi file into the new format. Once you have done this, then it's safe to continue posting.
The script is fully automated, and will only take a moment or two.
To use this convertor, simply drop it into the root 'cgi-bin/ikonboard' directory on your webspace, set the correct CHMOD permission (usually '0755') and then run it by using your browser (by entering the URL to the update_forums.cgi script).

If you are upgrading from v2.1.5, you'll need to update all the *.cgi files found in the root 'cgi-bin/ikonboard' directory (admincenter.cgi, announcements.cgi..etc).
You'll also need to remove any URL's from forum graphics, board graphics and membertitle rankings (pips)
So if you had 'images/picture.gif', where requested just enter 'picture.gif'. You will need to edit 'Set-styles', 'Set Membertitles' and Edit each forum you have to modify the forum graphic.

Upgrading::v1.x.x / v2.x.x -> v2.1.7

Please update all the scripts as mentioned for v2.1.5. You'll also need to run the installer as described in 'first_install.html'

::Help and support::

If you need any help, then please visit our support forums Please help us by including as much information as you can, like which script caused the error, what version you are using - what action caused the error and where ever possible, a link to your Ikonboard.
Please do not email us, we get a lot of email and do not have the time to reply. You'll get a far faster answer from our support board. We currently have over 1,300 members who can try to help.

Thanks for supporting Ikonboard!

--Matt, Ikonboard Author.